Bootybuilding with your bestie! Workouts to try with a friend

Who loves working out with a friend? We sure do! Stuck for some paired workout ideas? Check out our latest YouTube video featuring Claudia and Yvette getting their bootys working!

To introduce you to our workout duo, Yvette Latham is the owner of wellness studio, Energy Fit + Wellbeing, here on the Sunshine Coast. She's an avid bootybuilder and passionate about holistic health. Claudia Natasha is also a Sunshine Coast local. She runs an amazing blog, The Maximalist and loves to keep active.


To watch the full workout on Youtube:



The great thing about our booty bands and booty loops is that you can use them anywhere! Claudia and Yvette have set up their equipment down by the beach at beautiful Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast.

While many of the exercises featured are booty-based, there are also a few back and shoulder options you can try with our booty loops. Resistance bands are AWESOME as they replace the need for dumbbells or barbells and yet you still get the same great workout experience. Dare to give it a try?



Grab your workout partner and try these exercises:

Squats - grab your partner's hands and squat it low!

Squat hold - challenge each other...turn back to back and hold the squat as long as possible.

Plyometric lunges - this exercise is great to get the heart rate up!

Kneeling hip thrust - have one partner as the anchor (holding the booty loop) and the other working their booty. Don't forget to swap over.



Step ups - find a bench and complete step ups in unison.

Standing kickback (booty bands) - don't go anywhere, use the table as support for your kickbacks.

Standing kickback (booty loops) - same exercises, but different set up. Attach your neoprene leg straps to your ankles and use a booty loop as resistance. Hold onto your partner for support as they also double as your anchor.

Standing leg raise - turn sideways and work your side booty for a full and round peach.



Side lunge - take a step away from your partner and lunge it out.

Bent over row - don't forget to work the upper body and throw in some rows using a booty loop.

Bicep curl - grab a booty loop and slow down the movement to get the burn!

Lateral raise - A perky booty needs to be rounded out by some shoulder gains. Booty loops are perfect to work your shoulders.



Romanian deadlift - still working the booty...definitely one to try.

Single arm row - find an anchor point and row, row, row away!

Tricep pull down - just like on the cable machine, squeeze your tricep on the extension.

High row - Target those delts with this exercise.

Sprints - have one partner as the anchor (holding the booty loop) and the other running for their life!



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As always, happy bootybuilding x


By Michelle Knight