What are Booty Loops?

Booty loops are our version of your standard, long resistance bands. You might have seen something similar in gyms or sports stores.

What makes ours different? Ours come in a complete set:

  • 1 x nylon travel bag
  • 1 x resistance loop (light resistance)
  • 1 x resistance loop (heavy resistance)
  • 1 x black clip
  • 1 x quick start workout guide (eBook & hard copy)

Did we mention ours come in 4 of the cutest colours - pink, bluepurple and now black!

The light resistance is approximately 1kg up to 7kg tension and the heavy resistance is approximately 9kg up to 32kg tension.

How do I use Booty Loops?

The options are endless when it comes to using our booty loops. We love incorporating them into booty focused workouts, but you can use them to isolate other body parts. For example, use the light resistance loop to work you shoulders in lateral side raisers or shoulder press.

How do I set them up?

There are a few different set up variations. They include:

Loop - wrap the booty bands around a stationary item. Feed it through the centre. Pull the other end tight. Ensure it is secure.

Clip - Attach the neoprene booty strap to your ankle. Attach the black clip to the silver loop on your ankle strap. Clip in the booty loop. Ensure it is secure.

Standing - Stand on the booty loop ensuring it is positioned under the arches of your feet.

Under hands - Place your palms over the booty loop. Hook your thumbs underneath to ensure it doesn't move during your workout.

Can't get to the gym?

Booty loops are great as they can replicate typically bulky gym equipment. They are AWESOME for home workouts and when travelling as they are completely portable and compact. The resistance in the loops replicate the weight of a piece of gym equipment, such as a dumbbell.

They are also a great substitute for a cable machine. Some of our favourite substituted cable exercises are:

The 2 different resistance loops help to mix up you workout levels and the more or less tension you put on the loops will also give you varying degrees of resistance. Resistance too light? Try holding the loops closer to the anchor point to increase the resistance.

What are you waiting for? 

We have just released our Booty Bundles - a set of booty bands and booty loops for a discounted rate to get you training ASAP! 

By Michelle Knight