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Let's be frank - there are a lot of booty bands available on the market. One of the most common questions we get asked is 'what make your booty bands different?'. So let me break it down for you...

What are Aura Eve booty bands?

Our booty bands come in a complete set:

  • 1 x mesh travel bag
  • 2 x adjustable black neoprene leg straps
  • 2 x light clip-in resistance bands (light resistance)
  • 2 x dark clip-in resistance bands (heavy resistance)

Use them target your booty in glute isolating exercises. The resistance the booty bands creates forces you to activate your glutes and engage the muscle. Complete slow movements or holds and you'll really feel the burn!


Aura Eve booty bands vs generic booty bands

I'm comparing our booty bands to essentially the large elastic-type resistance band (generic booty bands). Generic booty bands are only made out of latex, whilst ours are made from multiple materials...latex bands, neoprene straps, fabric get the idea.

In no way am I saying generic booty bands won't do the job. In all truth, the theory behind our booty bands work the same as generic booty bands. Resistance around your legs makes you engage your booty muscles. What I am saying is that Aura Eve booty bands will do the job BETTER!

So what is the difference? Our specific design means the set up is different, thus the workout experience is too! Keep reading...


Why Aura Eve booty bands are better?

1. Easy to use and set up - Wrap around and clip in! It's as simple as that. Depending in your height you might wear to booty bands slightly higher or lower than others. But once you've found the best set up for you, you'll set up in seconds! If you need help setting up for the first time, checking out our step by step YouTube video here.

2. Won't fall down or move around - Because the neoprene leg straps are set up individually to each leg when you complete jumping movements, like jump squats or plyometric lunges, you don't get the problem of your booty bands falling down. 

3. Won't dig in, bunch or roll - Again, the set up means your booty workout will be comfortable wearing the neoprene leg straps. They are going to stay in place so you can concentrate on an awesome booty workout!

4. Fully adjustable (one size fits all) - Our booty bands are full adjustable! Because the neoprene leg straps rely on velcro fastening, make them as large or small as you like. Think they won't fit? We've had big bodybuilders use them with no problems. They love our booty bands too!



5. Multiple set up options (thighs, ankles) - Don't think you can only use your booty bands on your thighs. Roll them over a few more times and set them up on your ankles! Don't forget to clip in the resistance or use a cable machine.

6. Single or double resistance - The normal set up is 1 x set of resistance, either light or heavy. If you want to go extra heavy, use all 4 resistance bands that come in the set for an extreme booty burning workout. Don't worry about taking the leg straps on and off. Just clip in and out. Easy peasy!

7. Incorporate other fitness equipment - Have you seen our booty bundles? Use our booty bands and booty loops together to get the complete workout! As mentioned, you can set up your booty bands on your ankles and clip into the cable machine. Try a kickback, or 20!

8. Keep them on for the entire workout - If you need a break during your workout, simply unclip one side. No need to take your booty bands off completely. Then you are ready to go again as soon the the buzz sounds! Hello HIIT training!

9. Cute! - What can I say? Our booty bands are SUPER CUTE and come in 3 colours: pinkbluepurple and now black!