Booty Band Review from Personal Trainer, Kirsten Russell

Two words, totally fantastic! 

They pretty much sums up my experience in using the Aura Eve booty band set. 

From the first email I received to say the bands were on their way to using them in my private training studio to taking them travelling with me to Vietnam I have to say these have to be the most versatile band sets ever. 

A bit about myself, I am in my 40’s and left my corporate manager job to re-train and follow my passion in helping other ladies who are struggling with aging, wanting to keep their bodies moving for longer and just wanting to prioritise themselves now the kids have left home. 

I’m not your traditional trainer and you know what, I love working with my ladies, it's so rewarding to see the changes in them from when they first stepped into my studio to how they have grown in confidence after a few sessions. 

I’ve been following Aura Eve for many years now, have looked often at their band sets but was unsure if they were for me and my clients. 

The Booty Bundle bands arrived in a black drawstring carry bag making these easily transportable (like to take to Vietnam!) and able to be easily stored. 

I got the purple set because, well, it coordinated with my logo of course. 

On unpacking the bundle set, I had two velcro straps, two sets of clip on bands and two longer loop bands with a carabiner of different strengths as well as an awesome instruction and demo booklet. 

My clients as they are older suffer a LOT from tight hips, glutes not activating and other lower body issues. You know, years in office jobs, not regularly exercising and now we are playing a bit of catch up, but all is not lost! 

These bands are a fantastic tool to use in the studio with them to get a kick start on some results. 

I’ve used the velcro booty band set to perform glute activation moves and you can then quickly move the bands to the ankles to get onto hamstring moves. 

The velcro bands once on aren’t bulky, they don’t move, and they don’t get in the way. My clients have noticed the difference between these bands and the traditional hip circle type bands. 

The Aura Eve bands give greater targeted results and their booty’s have been on fire. Which if you are wanting to strengthen that area, we all know that this is definitely what you are after. 

Once the velcro straps are around the ankles, we’ve used the carabiner on one of the longer bands around my squat rack to perform kickbacks and hamstring curls. 

I too have used them for hamstring curls and what can I say but, WOW! 

In my studio I don’t have a room full of machines but focus more on functional style training and targeted moves and the Aura Eve bands have been a very versatile tool to add to what I have and I am seriously thinking of running classes using them as this style of training is perfect for what I do. 

To be able to move quickly from one part of the body to another without mucking around with different machines has meant I can make the most of my client sessions and they have started to noticeably build up strength. 

I have also taken this set travelling with me, and currently am in Vietnam for 5 weeks where I have been using the bands to do hotel room workouts and again, I have been able to perform glute activation moves, lateral raises, bicep and tricep exercises and so much more! 

If you are after a set that will give you options for the gym your home workout or even something to take away travelling with you then seriously give the Aura Eve Booty Bundle set a try, believe me you will get your money’s worth and then some from them. 

By Kirsten Russell 
Trainer and Owner of You Can! Fitness Solutions