Intense Leg Session with PT Kurt Pennington!

Add intensity to your leg sessions using Aura Eve bands.

Like leg day wasn’t hard enough already! If you are finding yourself plateauing or lacking intensity in your workouts try adding the Aura eve bands to your leg days and feel the burn.


Now the beauty of these bands is the fact that they have 2 adjustable black neoprene leg straps which will allow you to set and forget. The straps won’t move out of position and will allow you to focus on performing the movements properly without the worry of the bands moving and sliding down. Also, with your bands you will have 2x light clips and 2x dark clips to add resistance when training.  


A bit more about myself. I come from a sporting background doing all your typical sports growing up soccer, rugby, cross country, touch footy etc. I have a great passion and interest in extreme sports and use to race motocross for roughly 15yrs. It was training for motocross where I developed a passion for the gym and decided to pursue a career in fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer and running KFP Fitness for 3.5yrs and absolutely love my job and what I do. On top of that I also compete in men’s physique in the IFBB and love training and bodybuilding and love sharing that passion with people!

Why use bands on leg day: 

Now, not only are bands great to use in isolation movements such as hip thrusts. But there are many benefits to using bands in major compound lifts such as back squats, lunges, deadlifts etc. A big reason I use bands with clients and myself is to help correct posture problems that are occurring in certain movements. For instance, in a squat a common posture problem is the knees collapsing inward. So, we know straight away that glutes and glute med are weak. So, by just adding the bands to your squat you’ll automatically be working those weaker muscles and improving your squat. 

Workout time! 

I can’t stress enough that this workout is intense so please take the proper precautions and warm up properly. 5min on some form of cardio (bike, treadmill, stairs etc.) then follow 10-15min of dynamic stretching (leg swings, bodyweight squats, warm up sets etc.) 

KFP Fitness superset sensation! 

A1. 4 x 12-15 Barbell Back Squats & Weighted Walking Lunges: 

  • Wearing Aura Eve Bands for both movements. 
  • Ensuring you maintain good form for both movements. Chest up, knees inline with toes, heals flat on ground.   
  • Choose weight appropriate for the desired rep range. 
  • Lunges can be performed with either barbell or dumbbells. 
  • Attach bands just above the knees. 

A2. 4 x 12-15 Dumbbell Goblet Squat & Barbell Hip Thrust: 

  • Perform goblet squat with dumbbell on chest and feet in a sumo stance. 
  •  Choose weight appropriate for rep range. 
  • Bands worn for both movements (above knees) 
  • During hip thrust push through heels and over excaudate the hip extension and hold the squeeze for 1sec.

A3. 4 x 30 Crab walk & Jump squats: 

  • Bodyweight exercises. 
  • Squat down to 90 degrees or just above 90. 
  • 5-10 steps to left (whist squatted down) than perform 5 jump squats. Continue this pattern until you’ve performed 15 jump squats, then do the same going to the right. 
  • Depending on how you’re feeling perform 5 or 10 steps to increase or decrease intensity. 
  • Remember whilst performing jump squats to squat as deep as possible and jump as high as possible. 
  • Attach bands around knees or around ankles to add more resistance and intensity. 


This workout will not only help build your legs and glutes and give them one hell of a burn as well. But if you suffer from medial knee pain and lower back pain then this workout is perfect for helping you build those weaker muscles that are causing you those problems.

Give it a go guys and feel free to let me know how you get on!

Stay safe and work hard. 

Kurt Pennington
KFP Fitness